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Quality of Work
Are you looking for your property lines or property corners?  Please see "Property Corner Monumentation" which shows why you should expect to see your corners staked, pinned or monumented.
Reasons why records make a difference

1) LOCATION BASIS OF PROPERTY LINES - It is advantageous for property owners to hire a local surveyor with experience and land records in their neighborhood. Deed analysis usually reveals dependence on boundaries upwards of a mile from the subject parcel. The long-established firm with localized records will have a more thorough knowledge base of the area and the best information to supplement the public record for correctly re-establishing property boundary locations.

2) COST SAVINGS - When you contact us with a parcel location, we will check our records for a prior survey. If found, you will be eligible for a cost discount of up to 35%.  

Consider if you agree with this statement - "After a property survey is complete, the property owner should be able to find his or her property corners monumented on the ground with permanent markers that are also depicted on their survey map". If this sounds logical, you agree with the NY State Office of the Professions. Click here to see Sect. 9 - Monuments

KLETTKE SURVEY plastic caps inserted into iron pipes at any property corner that does not already have an existing marker.
Historic Survey Records
Property Corner Monumentation
At Klettke Land Surveyors, we feel that the NFLSA Code of Practice best accommodates the State Practice Guidelines. Confidence in the analysis of boundary evidence performed in preparation of a Klettke survey is manifested in placement of survey irons (or other permanent markers) for property corners not previously marked, and depiction of all corner markers (found or placed) on the survey map. Any survey performed otherwise lends no more value to the land owner than the numerous other documents presented at a real estate closing.

200+ yr-old Stone Monument at NY/Pennsylvania Line at Southeast Corner HOLLAND LAND COMPANY